How to Download Notability for PC, Mac and iPad and Its Alternatives: Download Free (2021)

Notability for Windows is a widely used application that is perfect for note-taking, Sketching, App annotating for Apple items like MacBooks, iPads, iPhones. This works as a multipurpose app and proves to be very helpful in providing features like creating notes, editing them to make important changes when it comes to Typing, Images, Handwriting Skills, and audio purposes. This app is mainly used by students, teachers to business employees across the world to help them in taking notes related to their work or school, or home and also their business details.

Notability for PC has also been awarded as “Apples Mac App of the Year.” It is also the Apple Editors’ Choice favorite when we talk about iPad, iPhone, MAC. It helps to take multiple notes at a single time and does it without any risk of losing work on any particular note. It also allows easy access to any previous notes shared on different tabs and making changes to them.

Notability for Windows is perfect when you want to perform any type of searching and editing in any handwritten notes available in your library into your preferred language. For good, it has 14 different languages to help you out. These days people prefer to get their information stored on their electronic devices as notes instead of carrying a notebook this also ensures the safety of your valuable information. The App for Windows Surface majorly helps in managing the workflow by enabling you to share the documents, creating new ones, and also enabling you to sign on to them. All of the folders can be modified by only choosing the documents from desktop and putting them into Notability for Windows 10 to make any kind of changes in them or also make completely new ones. This also ensures protection by enabling users to lock the document via Touch ID.

Notability is been very helpful when it comes to importing PDFs, images, Gifs, PPTs, etc to the device. It can also help really well in conversion and to share the documents through email, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and different sharing platforms. Notability enables the users to make changes and interpret on the meetings notes, assignments, and lecture PPTs. this app is also really popular for the Audio feature which helps the users to get the notes saved at the same time they have been written. Notability also performs backup on its own and links to iCloud automatically from any Apple devices.

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Features of Notability

  • Creating outlines and you can also create a checklist on Notability for Windows Tablet.
  • It makes modifying the notes, images, and voice notes easier by just choosing them and adding them to the App.
  • Notes can also be automatically synced with any voice recordings enabling you to recheck them later on anytime with your notes.
  • It Help sin importing and converting the PDFs, PPTs, GIFs from any of your Apple devices.
  • It has different brush sizes which helps in maintaining precision to create different shapes and also to remove them.
  • Interestingly the ink that is being used can be rotated, restyled, restyled with simply the arrow keys.
  • You can also creatively use the colors and mix them up by simply using a color dropper.
  • It easily and effectively syncs the data to iCloud from any of your Apple Devices may it be an iPad, an iPhone or a Mac.
  • Easily with a mouse, the handwriting can be transformed into a more expressive and smooth look.
  • Easy sharing of email, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and different other sharing platforms. 

Installations Needed for Notability

Now, as shared earlier, Notability is very easily accessible on different Apple gadgets like a Mac, iPhone, iPad etc. So, it can be easily downloaded from the Apple store and you would only need a hard disk space for the application.

But in case, if you wish to download and install it on a Windows PC, then it is required for you to meet a few easy requirements like:

  • Operating System which may be for windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7, Windows XP, Windows Surface Pro, Windows Vista.
  • Hard Disk – 255 MB Space

Also, it completely depends on the iOS emulator you choose, you will need to come up in terms with the system requirements for installation purpose and to run that emulator as well.

How to Download and Install Notability on your PC

Now let’s get started, the whole procedure of installing and utilizing Notability on a Windows OS is quite easy, quick and might not require a lot of time.

So in case, If you are looking for installing and running Notability on your Windows PC, then we suggest you to just follow the steps below:

Download and Install an Emulator

  • Firstly, you need to search for a nice and compatible iOS emulator for your Windows PC. This is crucial as you will not get this application on any Android app or any Windows Store. So, you need to choose an iOS emulator to download the application from its official website.
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Our recommendation is the iPadian. It is an amazing iOS emulator that also performs a custom store that performs a lot of majorly popular applications. It also keeps on increasing new applications on-demand. So it is easy to use it to download and install Notability on your Windows OS.

  • Once you have successfully downloaded the file, then go to the Downloads folder.
  • Now, just double-click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process. You also need to make sure that you read the End User License Agree (EULA). When you are done reading simly accept it. Now, as per all the installation wizard steps, go ahead and follow them. Lastly, wait for the installation to finish.

With these easy steps the iOS emulator wil be downloaded and installed on your PC. It can then be used to install any iPhone apps you need on your Windows PC.

Notability Download for iPad

May be if there’s any complete note-taking app availble on the market other than Notability, you will see that it’s not easily accessible. However, the iPad offering from Ginger Labs is similarly useful for stripped-down business utilization or a little more complicated and easy creative efforts. Notability is simply just full of features, we can also say that it performs the task of upto four other apps.

Just like the iPad’s Notes application and also the expensive Keeper HD app, Notability features some easy straightforward word-professing tasks: Open up the app, start a completely new file, and begin typing. You can also ake some new documents when it comes to class lectures, interviews, or may be you can easily just note down ideas for your next schedule. 

How to Install and Use Notability

Download for Windows

  • After you’re done installing the emulator, simply run the emulator. Now, go to the Search panel or the Store option that you may see available there.
  • You can type ‘Notability’ to look for the application. Now press enter to start the search.
  • You will see a list of matching and related applications being displayed on the screen. Then, you can click on the Notability icon and you will see a Notability store page opening.
  • After the page is opened, you can click on the ‘Install’ button and wait sometime for the installation to be finished.
  • Lastly, you need to go back to the All apps page or home page to see that the Notability app is visible there.
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You can now simly utilize the Notability app just as you want, may be to take amazing, thorough notes.

3 Alternatives to Notability App

Notability can be a very easy to use and helpful note-taking Application that has a lot of uses. Users who do not have iOS devices may require to install an emulator which can take sometime. Therefore, down below we are sharing a few simple and similar applications to Notability to finally make sure that you take your notes hassle-free. There are three Alternatives mentioned below and we hope they wor well for you.

1) Microsoft OneNote

This one is a very famous Application for note-taking, it is Microsoft One Note. Developed by the Microsoft community it is available to make sure that you store all your notes at a place. It also help you to sync them from different other devices. It provides ample of storage option online, and the sharing of notes need the optional characters. It is available on windows devices and it is surely free for all android users for download and use.

2) Bananote 

Bananote is other popular Note-taking application which ensures a quick access to the notes. Its amazing features include creating, editing and sharing of the documents. If you want to delete a file it is easily done with a single swipe. One of the most interesting feature of this app is to allow the users to Highlight the notes more specific to them it can help the users to simply look for them and get them easily.

3) Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the very helpful apps and is very similar to notability. It allows easy and quick writing of notes and it can also involve adding images into your file. You can also add audio recordings into your notes. This app is a a very organized way as you can keep them labelled. 


With everything going digital, taking notes the traditional way on a notepad may be an older way not. Note-taking these days has also become quick and digital. Therefore, Notability is been a very easy and helpful App with its amazing features. It also makes these notes very secure and easy to carry around with you.

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