Today Mercedes-Benz Vans unveiled the EQT concept, Electric Van

Mercedes reveals its T-Class in the small-van segment.
In the small-van segment, the carmaker brings modern operating and display concept.

Today, Mercedes-Benz has lifted the curtain from its small van EQT Concept, it is an electric MPV nine seater car and this car is an upcoming Citan commercial van for carmakers. If we look at the EQ line-up of vehicles, this is the ninth model launched by the company.

The look of this electric MPV comes with black panels in the front with LED lights, as well as a light strip that connects the front and rear light clusters, you will get 21-inch alloy wheels, with a panoramic roof. The possibility of launching the car is being told next year.

On top of the instrument cluster is a half storage compartment, you can keep some essential items in the space, this space is very good, you can keep your documents or utensils in it. The lights of the centre console are very good, and it gives stylish look in the centre too.

So to Reach the third row of seats, they give sliding doors to both sides. In the window spacious cargo space is provided and this space can also be extended by folding the seats of the third row, and an electric longboard is integrated into the cargo area.

There is a possibility of getting a 102 PS electric motor with a 44 kWh battery pack, and it is being claimed that EQT can cover around 265 kilometres on a single charge.


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