How to login the IP Address? [Step by Step Guide 2022]

The IP address is a private address often used for local networks. This means that it can be used for devices on your home or office network but not on the internet. If you need to access your router’s settings, you will usually need to use this Address. However, some routers use different addresses, so you will need to check your router’s documentation to be sure.

How to Login to

If your default IP Address of the router’s admin is 192.168.0, you can simply login to your configurations panel and manage internet settings within your router’s software. To login into, follow these steps:

  1. The device you are trying to login to is connected to the network either through an Ethernet Cable or wireless.
  2. In the browser URL address bar, Enter or
  3. Now login panel of your router/modem will appear.
  4. To view the config page, you must enter your default username and password on this router’s configuration page.
  5. Now you are in your router’s admin panel. You can config your internet and IP settings or make the desired changes you want to make into your router. 

Forgot IP Address Username and Password? (Recovering Router User and Password)

If you forgot your default username or password of, you must first check your Manual/Box. These are generally located on the back or underside of the router itself. 

You can find the default login through the router’s serial or model number via the manufacturer’s website.

If you ever changed your router’s default login details, you can get the login details back by resetting the router to the default settings, which will revert all the changes to the defaults.

Follow these steps to reset your router:

  1. You need to press a reset button at the back of your router. To press the button, you need a needle or a paper clip.
  2. Hold and press the button of the router for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Now you will get the default username and password back.
  4. Now with these login credentials, you can log in back.

Forward Ports Without a Password (UPnP)

You can use Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) to forward ports without knowing the password, so your router is UPnP-enabled. It will automatically open the required ports. Use UPnP PortMapper to forward the ports of your choice.

Important FAQ IP address

What is 192.168.o.1.1?

The IP address is a private address typically used for home networking. This means it can connect devices within your home networks, such as computers, printers, and routers. While the IP address is not assigned to any specific device, routers and other network devices often use it as a default gateway.

How to log in to 192.168.o.1.1?

In the address URL bar, enter When the router config page is open, enter username and password and click OK or Login.

Narayan Chandra