Our Team

Mary Jones

She is very good at understanding the tech realm. She has a year of experience in the technology stream and she writes with passion and loves to deliver excat information to people of the tech world. Apart from writing, she loves to travel.

Harshita Agarwal

Harshita is an expert and writes Top-notch content and her content is featured in many magazines as well. She worked with the top publishers and was a good researcher who always loves to deliver the content in the simplest possible way.


Kanika is a passionate writer, having 4 years of experience in content writing and she loves to write in different niches, she is passionate to take the ohofeed at the new height. She is the mastermind behind the content posted at ohofeed.

Stacy lewis

She is one of the fine writers and experts in the area of writing articles that guide or solve people problems. She is familiar with technological transitions and Writing is the only passion she carries with her for the last 8 years and she loves to play action games too.

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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124