How to Personalize Your Student Accommodation in Nottingham on a Budget

After weeks of searching for superb student accommodation near the University of Nottingham, you finally found a place that is the perfect match. All that’s left to do before you settle in is to decorate your accommodation to your tastes to truly make it feel like home. 

You may believe that converting your room into a space for luxury and comfort will require expensive decor and furniture. However, with a creative mind and the right tools it is possible to turn your accommodation into your dream room, even if you are on a budget while studying abroad. 

Creative ideas to turn a room into your very own sanctuary 

The easiest way to stay within your budget is to find creative solutions that are cost-friendly and brighten up your room. 

DIY Projects

Do It Yourself projects are a fun and affordable option to make your room cozy. You can search the craft stores and thrift stores near your Nottingham student accommodation to get quality material that is cheap. For instance, you can buy old furniture and paint it in a nice colour to match your room. Or you can use a corkboard or foam board and pin your favourite pictures of you and your friends.

Invest in great bed linens 

You will spend a great deal of time in your room so drab colours or boring patterns cannot be a staple. Invest in quality sheets that will last you the entire duration of your stay to ensure that you get your money’s worth. While choosing your linen, don’t forget to choose colourful prints and attractive designs that will jazz up your room. Cozy blankets and throw pillows can add an air of charm that will make you feel hesitant to leave. Blankets are also great investments as they can be used as decoration and will also keep you warm during the winter months. 

Be strategic with the lighting

You can also personalise your room with cute lamps to add a bit of personality to your room. Play with different lights to give a cold, dark room a warm and inviting atmosphere. Soft muted lights, bedside lamps, a chic lampstand in the living room, or even twinkle lights can lend character to a room and make you feel like it is your very own. Students can check for affordable and unique lights on Amazon for a reasonable price. There are even remote-controlled LED lights available that can change colour according to your mood.

Add dimensions with mirrors

You can check out your local thrift store for cool mirrors that will make your student accommodation feel like it is massive. Experiment with mirrors of different sizes and shapes to create a luxurious atmosphere with a bit of style. There are many DIY projects that you can try such as a diamond pattern with many mirrors or a floor-length mirror you can use for the perfect outfit picture. There are many places where you can find affordable mirrors that will beautify your room without putting a dent in your pocket.

You don’t need expensive furniture or decor to make your room a cozy place of your own. With a little imagination, it is possible to revamp your room so it exudes luxury and taste without impacting your savings. 

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