What is the relationship status of James Bergener? Married to Noella or Not?

James Bergener became known as Noella Bergener’s ex-husband on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Before they mutually decided to part ways due to unforeseen circumstances, he was the TV star’s beloved spouse.

James is a big star, and his impressive background and profession support him, as well as the rumors that he got what he has from being on reality TV made him a prominent figure. He proved this by showing that’s not who he is when he spoke about his views.

On the internet, several pictures are available. His wife, Nollea, shares that. In that love, birds share great moments and look happy together before this incident that occurred and completed ended their relationship. 

Nowadays, James Bergener lives peaceful life alone and is far away from the lavish daily life he used to have spent before. James now lives differently as his past life is filled with cameras, fans, and paparazzi. 

In this article, you will learn about James Bergener wife.

James Bergener Married to her Wife?

James is married to Noella, but they both move on from their marriage life due to some circumstances. The couple shares some amazing and memorable moments o their social media account that shows they have a great married life. 

After some years, they both got separated, Noella wife of James, broke up with him, so they spent some not more time with each other.

In June 2020, they tied the knot, and in 2021 after one year, they filed divorce; the exact reason f their divorce is not disclosed publicly as his wife Noella doesn’t want to share anything publicly. 

Though they love each other, their time together ends because all relationships do. Although a relationship break up often causes significant sadness, it may also inspire them to take a break for some time.

Noella Bergener is currently fighting against the divorce case, where she demands 50/50 custody of her two-year-old son.

James Bergener Wiki

James graduated and completed his degree in Law. He runs a Law firm in a partnership known as Law Firm Bergener. 

James Bergener is one of the country’s leading personal injury lawyers. Due to his expertise in personal injury cases, he is invited to appear on television and radio programs. He is working as an injury lawyer and serving the public limitlessly. 

As of now, he is enjoying his life alone. 

Narayan Chandra