Moving Checklist: Relocating to Milton, Step-by-Step

Moving to a new city can be stressful. Make your relocation to real estate milton ontario smooth and successful by following this comprehensive moving checklist. Breaking down the tasks into achievable steps will keep you organized and help avoid chaos on moving day.

2 Months Before Move

– Create a moving budget including movers, supplies, utility connections, etc.

– Begin purging and decluttering rooms not essential daily. 

– Research and choose the moving company. Book movers for moving day.

– Notify your landlord of your upcoming move out date.

– Start packing non-essential items like seasonal clothes, decor, and books.

1 Month Before 

– Confirm your moving company’s arrival time and all logistics.

– Purchase moving supplies like boxes, tape, markers, and furniture pads.

– Make travel arrangements if driving or flying to Milton and reserve accommodations.

– Begin packing common rooms like living room, dining room, basement.

– Schedule disconnection/connection of all utilities like internet and phone.

2 Weeks Before

– Send change of address to post office, banks, insurance, and subscriptions. 

– Confirm schools, childcare, doctors – transfer records and enroll kids.

– Cancel local memberships and services not transferring to Milton.

– Drain gas and oil from lawn mower, snowblower, other outdoor power equipment. 

1 Week Before

– Finish room-by-room packing leaving only essentials until move day.

– Begin cleaning emptied rooms as you pack. Dispose of unwanted items.

– Confirm arrival date for services at new home like internet.

– Transfer prescriptions and obtain medical records from your doctors.

Moving Day

– Disassemble beds and furniture. Load the moving truck carefully.

– Clean the house thoroughly and do final walkthrough before handing over keys.

– At new home, direct movers where to place furniture and boxes room-by-room.

– Assemble beds so you have somewhere to sleep your first night!

Move-In Week

– Unpack room by room focusing on essentials like the kitchen first. 

– Set up internet and other services. Update address on driver’s license.

– Explore your new neighborhood. Introduce yourself to neighbors.

– Schedule air conditioning service and change filters if needed.

– Relax! You did it. Welcome to Milton!

With proper planning and organization, moving doesn’t have to be a migraine. Knock tasks out step-by-step during the weeks leading up to move day. You’ll settle into your new Milton home smoothly and happily.