Tom Segura Wife: Know about Christina Pazsitzky and Kids

Thomas Weston Segura is a well-known American standup comedian. He was very successful in his career.

In the back year of his life, When he was 18, at that time due to an overdose of GHB, he was about to lose his life. Still, Tom recovered from the health issue, became a standup comedian, and is now followed by millions of fans. 

Tom Segura is 43year old, and from Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. Tom is married to Christina Pazsitzky, as famous as Tom, and they both handle they married happily together. 

Know about Christina Pazsitzky

Christina Pazsitzky is the wife of standup comedian Tom Segura.

The opposite attracts each other, but in the life of Tom and Christina, their profession attracts each other. Yes, Christina Pazsitzky is also a Standup comedian. Millions of fans follow her, and she works as a writer, host and T.V. personality. Christina’s skills make her famous, and her stage performance in public makes her famous.

Christiana is a Canadian she is from Ontario, Canada. She was born on 18th June 1976but later on, from Canada, she shifted to the U.S., particularly Southern California, and settled there.

She was a philosophy student, but she loved to find humour in everything that made her become a comedian. Her first session was in the 1998 series of MTV Road Rules: Down Under. She also runs a podcast show, Your Mom’s House. She works on Netflix series like Mother Inferior and the Degenerates. 

Where and When Tom and Christina Meet?

Tom and Christina both meet in a comedy club in Los Angeles, where all comedians meet with each other. Christina is from L.A., and Tom is a newcomer here; at the time of the meeting, they both are struggling, but Christina is a local comedian in L.A.

Christina helped Tom settle in L.A. They were friends only, and it was not love at first sight because Christina was dating someone when he met Tom. 

After meeting with each other many times, Tom asked Christina for a hiking trip. Still, Christina refused his proposal, and Tom thought they didn’t feel the same as he felt for him; then, after sometimes they planned to meet in the club, and after the meeting, they shared their emotions and started dating each other. 

About Tom and Christina’s Marriage

After being in a relationship for a few years, they both understand each other. At the right time, Tom proposes to Christina for marriage, and she accepts his marriage proposal. 

In 2008 they married each other, and after the marriage, they lived in an apartment in L.A., but after some time, they shifted to their own house in Mansion in Los Angles, which cost $6.7, but after a few years, in 2021 they sell that home.

About Tom and Christina Married Life 

Tom and Christina have the same feelings for each other, creating sparks in their chemistry. 

They show good love chemistry in their podcast as well as in their shows. 

In a standup session, Netflix is a joke; Christina said he loves the humour and timing of Tom’s comedy.

Both the couple’s schedule is busy, and they don get enough time to stay with each other but the distance between them never apart them from each other. They both loved the company of each other. 

About Tom and Christina Kids

They have two kids. The elder one is Ellis Segura, and the younger son is Julian Segura. Ellis is five years old, and they got good social media attention as a celebrity kid. Julian is three years old and has no social media account.

Narayan Chandra