myTyler: Guide for Tyler Login Portal 2022 [JTCC Portal]

myTyler is used by the students of John Tyler Community College. It is the student portal of JTCC. By using One Login, this portal allows the students to access Canvas, College email, the Student Information System, and other essential resources in one place.

How to log into myTyler account

To access myTyler account, follow the below steps.

  1. Copy this link on your web browser.
  2. Enter your UsernameUsername and click on GO.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click on Login to Access your myTyler account dashboard.

How to reset myTyler account password

  • Go to myTyler login page.
  • You will see an option FORGOT MY PASSWORD; click on it.
  • Now, enter your UsernameUsername or email address associated with your student account.
  • Click on “I’m not a robot” and solve the Puzzle. Now click on CONTINUE.
  • Choose one method to reset your password.
    • Via Email,
    • Text SMS.
  • Now select the list of email addresses on file or Mobile devices on file.
  • You receive a Code, and a password reset link via text message or Email. The code is only valid for 24 Hours.
  • Now enter the code in the field you receive on SMS/Email.
  • You will be redirected to a new screen where you need to put New Password. After setting your new password, you are ready to log in again.

Video Guide on How to set up myTyler account

This video guide will help you set up a myTyler account if you’re a new student. Just go to the login page and enter your Username and password, and for the account setup, name, date of birth, student number or Social Security Number will be asked from you. 

How to register for classes using the Student Information System (SIS) in myTyler

How to find your Username and password

At the time of Tyler’s online application submission, a username is instantly provided to you. Please note we advise you to store/keep your UsernameUsername (credentials) in a safe place. 

If you cannot locate your UsernameUsername, then you can use the username lookup tool or visit Help Hub to get live support.

With the help of a username lookup tool, you can be able to locate your UsernameUsername, but all you need the exact match information which you filled up at the time of filing the online application to Tyler.

myTyler account benefit is you can access all your accounts with One password. At the time of registration, if you’re a new student, a temporary password is provided to you, and with that, you can submit your admissions application. 

You can still recover your password if you are not provided with a temporary password. You must change your password after the first time you log in to confirm it is secure.

When changing the password, System asks you a security question; after that, you can reset your password and access all the accounts from one password. 

myTyler Support Desk

Tyler experts are always available to give you answers, and You can contact them with questions about admissions, advising and records, financial aid and student accounts, or tech support.

The myTyler help desk or Student Support Services allows you to connect with their offices on campus by phone, email, or Zoom.

You can reach myTyler help desk or Student Support Services by phone, email, or Zoom.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Phone: tel:804-476-0401

FAQ’s of myTyler by Students

What is Navigate Student, and why should I use it?

Navigate Student is a tool that will help you keep track of important dates/deadlines, build a schedule that fits your life, communicate with your advisor, find helpful resources, and reach your academic goals as quickly as possible. How do I access Navigate Student? You can log into myTyler, and click on the Navigate Student icon to access it, or you can download the Navigate mobile app (important note: the mobile app does not support some features).

Can I make an appointment with my advisor through Navigate Student? 

Yes! Navigate Student offers an appointment feature that will let you view your advisor’s availability and schedule an appointment with him/her. To make an appointment, click on the Appointment tab, and then click the Schedule an Appointment button. Once a new appointment is set, you will receive a reminder in your To-Do list. 

Can I plan my class schedules using Navigate Student? 

Yes! You can use the Planner feature to create an academic plan that will help you map out future semesters and visualize how you can complete your major. While in Planner, you can see which classes you’ve completed, which ones you are currently enrolled in, and which ones you need to take. When registration opens, you can use your plan, along with a calendar that allows you to block out times when you are busy, to build a schedule that fits your life. To use the Planner features, you must log into Navigate Student using a desktop device; it is not accessible through the mobile app.

Will all the classes in my major appear in my Planner? 

If you declared a major during or after the college’s 2019-2020 academic year, your major’s courses will automatically load into Planner. If you declared your major before the 2019-2020 academic year, you will not automatically see your courses. You can still use planner, however. To do so, you must get the list of your remaining courses from SIS, and then search for them in Planner, and build your schedule. 

Can I register for my classes in Navigate Student? 

Yes! You can register for your classes using Navigate Student. When Tyler’s registration period is open, you’ll be able to click on the “Register” button after building your schedule in Planner. 

Can Navigate Student help me locate resources I may need? 

Yes! From your Navigate Student Homepage, you can access a directory of physical and digital resources that are critical to your success. There you can find information about the Academic Resource Center (ARC), the Libraries and more.

Narayan Chandra