UCSD Acceptance Rate 2022-2026 [Admission Stats by Major]

What is UCSD Acceptance for transfer students and first-year students? Here we will guide you about UCSD’s admission rates and the admission conditions for coming applicants. 

The University of California, San Diego accepts less than 1/3 of its applicants, and its admission process is admiringly selective and competitive. This University’s acceptance rate or admission rate is 23.7%, meaning out of 100 students, only 24 get admission.

The University of California is one of the top research universities in the world and one of the top public colleges in the U.S. 

UCSD Acceptance Rate for all students 2022-2026

The University received 131,245 first-year applications in 2022 and selected 31,160. 

UCSD Acceptance Transfer Applicants’ admission rate is 56% or 57%, and GPA Requirement is 3.47-3.88. Most accepted transfer students (92%) came from California community colleges.

This year number of transfer applications has been reduced by 12%, and UCSD received the highest number of applications among all universities.

We suggest you go through the college community process; it will save you money, and this year, transfer students are near twice the of first-year students. Below you will find the UCSD Acceptance Rate for the classes of 2022-2026. 

ClassAcceptance Rate

UCSD Acceptance Rate By Major (Faculty) 

Below you will find the UCSD acceptance rate for the classes of 2022 to 2026 By Major.

The above table shows you the acceptance rate, so if anyone is going under the health science faculty must be ready for the competition; otherwise, the chances of rejection are high. 

What is the required GPA to get admission to UCSD? 

If your residential address is in California, you require a Minimum of 3.0, and the non-residential required 3.4 GA from a 4.0 scale to get into UCSD. Make sure you don’t have any grade lower than ‘C.’ 

The international students must demonstrate their professions in English, and first-year students at U.C. San Diego need a 4.21 GPA.

Students whose native language is not English must submit their ILETS or TOFEL scores. In IELTS, you need seven bands; in TOFEL, you need a score of 83.

Your high school grades in grades 10 and 11 compute your grade point average (GPA). In this, ACT and SAT scores are not considered for admissions, but you can submit that for reference.

FacultyAcceptance Rate
Biological Sciences17%
Arts and Humanities5%
Health Sciences2%
Data Science15%
Social Sciences37%
Physical Sciences12%

Is it hard to get admission to UCSD?

You can not get admission to UCSD with a low GPA, and it is a little bit difficult to get admission to UCSD but getting admission to U.C.s is more complicated. 

Here are some important notes you must follow to get admission to USDS. 

  • GPA is close to 4.
  • A.P. classes are required, and your high school offers A.P. classes.
  •  Involvement in co-curricular activities also helps you.
  • Show your unique skills that help you to stand out from the competition.
  • Please write a good essay or personal statement. It helps boost your writing skills before submitting the application reviewed by the experts.
  • A strong GPA and good A.P. test score help you more.

What is the most accessible Major that helps you to get into UCSD?

Majors under the Faculty of social science are easy to get into at UCSD. Most majors offered by the Faculty of social sciences at UCSD are simple to enter. I’m referring to majors offered by faculties like anthropology, education studies, cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, and other related fields.

The above majors have many applicants compared to other majors in U.S. San Diego.

The low-competition major drawback is that you get lower salaries and fewer job opportunities so that students will get the above majors. Changing the Major in the same department at an early age is easy. 

Is SDSU better than UCSD?

According to U.S. News and World Report’s national rankings, UCSD is the 37th-best University in the country, while SDSU is 164th. Most doctoral degrees are offered in California at SDSU.

Is UCSD or UCSB more prestigious?

In difference, UCSD came in at number 39 overall among all universities. UC Davis and UC Irvine lagged behind the University of California system, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSB, which were all placed higher than U.C. San Diego.

Here’s what you need to know and understand about the UCSD acceptance rate for first-year students and transfer students.

Image: ucsdnews

Narayan Chandra